Window Cleaners

Kent domestic & commercial window cleanersWindow Cleaning is where it all began for Simmply Clean and we are happy to undertake all commercial and domestic window cleaning, and with our window cleaning methods, awkward and hard to reach windows are a thing of the past. We can also clean your conservatory, including the roof very easily and at very competitive rates.

Simmply Clean’s method of window cleaning ensures that not only your windows but also the window frames are being cleaned at each visit – we don’t see much point in having clean windows but not the frames. The frequency of the window cleaning is decided by you, the client – with weekly/fortnightly/monthly/bi-monthly or one off cleans available – whatever suits your needs.

Conservatory cleaning KentThe beauty of the pure water system we use is that pure water acts rather like a magnet for dirt (for the technologically minded out there its apparently all to do with reverse osmosis!) so leaving your windows “squeaky clean”, and because there’s no detergent residue, this means your windows won’t get dirty so quickly, so they stay cleaner for longer.

Although tap water looks clean enough, it actually contains dissolved chemicals and minerals, and amounts of these vary regionally – that’s why we talk of hard and soft water areas. Pure water technology removes the minerals and also de-ionises tap water so that these impurities are removed and pure water results.

The other thing we love at Simmply Clean about the high reach pole system is that we’re not that keen on abseiling on properties or using ladders to reach high windows or tricky places which can cause damage to property, let alone the risks involved to our cleaning experts.

Commercial window cleaners for KentFor our commercial clients, we also realise how important it is to make a good impression – particularly if you have goods or services displayed behind glass – by using this pole system it means not only do we stay within the health & safety legislation but we deliver a service that means your window to the market place remains attractive to your potential customers.

So overall, we think the pure water pole system window cleaning method is a great solution to the risks and disadvantages of buckets, ladders and cloths, and without question it delivers a vastly superior finish that we think you’ll be impressed with.

For more information on Pure Water Window cleaning please feel free to call or e-mail Simmply Clean and request our ‘Pure Water Fact Sheet’, which we will be happy to post to you, free of charge.

Window Cleaning Supplies & Kits

Window cleaning kits available. From start up to professional. Please feel free to call for free no obligation advice. Tap into our years of experience.

window cleaning with pole system in Kent

From high level cleaning products such as a quick release squeegee, which makes changing channels easier than ever, or a one pass squeegee and wipe, the washer cleans your glass and the squeegee dries in just one pass. Then there’s the ‘backflip’ scrub and squeegee – the washer is used to scrub the window, flip it around and the squeegee dries your glass to a brilliant finish.

For a competitive window cleaning quote call us on 07838 745902 and we’ll provide a free estimate or alternatively you can go to the estimates page.