Water Fed Pole Systems

Window cleaner
What is a Water Fed Pole?

Water fed poles are hose -connected to a pure water machine at one end, and a brush head attached to the other end. They are usually telescopic so can be extended to the appropriate height. When the water machine is activated, by using the correct brush technique to gently agitate the dirt on the window, the pure water and bristles do all the work – it’s then simply a case of rinsing by withdrawing the brush head slightly away from the glass and allowing the pure water to wash away any remaining debris.

Choosing from the variety of poles on the market is important, and ideally a light, rigid fast action pole is the best investment. These can be more expensive than heavier poles, but heavy poles tend to wobble more, particularly when further extended.

It’s worthwhile purchasing the highest quality pole & brush your budget can stretch to – even if you have the best pure water machine going, a poor brush head and wobbly pole will make your cleaning inferior and slower, so it makes good economic sense to invest wisely. For the ultimate method to control water flow through your pole system, please see the Aqua-dapter page on our website.

What’s wrong with tap water?

Although it looks clean (and it’s OK to drink of course) tap water actually contains a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals, quantities of which vary regionally, hence we talk of hard & soft water regions. These minerals, such as magnesium, fluoride & calcium are fine for humans but not so good for windows as they leave white powdery deposits on glass.

The water purification technology utilized in Water Fed Pole Systems de-mineralizes and de-ionizes tap water so these impurities are removed and pure water is the result. What many of us don’t realize about water is that it constantly ‘seeks’ to absorb dirt particles and return to an impure state, so by applying pure water to windows you get the water to work for you.

Pure water is surprisingly aggressive in absorbing particles and minerals which is why with a Water Fed Pole System, there’s no need for cleaning detergents or chemicals to be used, which saves time, money not to mention energy and the environmental benefits that come from using this technology. Since the impurities have been removed from the glass, there’s no need to ‘squeegee’ the window – you simply brush clean and rinse with the pure water to leave a clean, streak free finish that we all like to see.

How effective is the Water Fed Pole System process?

As already mentioned, the sheer cleaning power of the pure water, along with the abrasiveness of the brush head will remove most deposits such as insect trails, putty marks, finger prints, and bird mess. Of course with some heavier stains or marks it may be necessary to pre treat/soak them first but with some elbow grease and rinsing most will come off. Being realistic, you’ll have to employ a good old-fashioned scraper for paint, silicone sealer and dried egg.

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