What do you mean? its only window cleaning!

That is the opinion of many people, but, is it really that simple? Consider this, when you ask a window cleaner to undertake work, you are asking him onto your property. probably the most expensive and precious asset you possess. How do you know he will be considerate of this whilst working? Will he respect your privacy? Will he work in a professional manner at all times? Are his methods of working up to scratch and right for your property? Will he be aware not to damage that prize lawn or herbaceous border that you have been working all year on? Is he easy to contact? IS HE FULLY INSURED? These are all relevant things to consider, and there are many more besides.

Before booking a Window/Carpet/ or General Domestic cleaner please consider these three things?

1. Is it a reliable, legitimate, fully insured company with references?

2. Is the schedule and cleaning method recommended right for you?

3. Is the company a member of any reputable trade body?(e.g. Federation of Window Cleaners)

We at Simmplyclean tick all of the boxes! With 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, and glowing references to boot we are sure that we would provide the best service for you!

Give us a call now and book a free estimate!

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