Pole Adapters

Window cleaners pole systemAqua-dapter – For the ultimate in Water Fed Pole (WFP) Tap Control

We think this is a great innovation – some maintain it’s the only WFP tap you’re ever likely to need and that it will revolutionize the way you work.

For an introduction to the world of WFP systems, please go to our Water Fed Pole Systems page, which will tell you all you need to know about this smart way of working as a window cleaner.

Simply put, the Aqua-dapter can be fitted to your WFP in less than 10 minutes and once attached and mastered, it will change the way you work forever!

Aqua-dapter fits on the top section of your pole, and your existing brush is then easily screwed onto the aluminium thread which is an integral part of the Aqua-dapter. The hose goes down the inside of your water fed pole, which enables you to control water flow really easily – you just switch the water flow on/off by pulling on the hose at the bottom of the pole. If you are working on ground level windows, the tap on the Aqua-dapter can also be turned manually.

At Simmply Clean, we think the introduction of water fed poles and the pure water method of cleaning has been a boon to the industry – it has been a successful and highly useful tool for window and conservatory cleaning, but we’ve always wanted more control when it comes to water flow, after all wasted water costs money, because when you waste water between jobs, you reduce the number of jobs you can do each day or before you have to refill your pure water tanks.

Then there’s the added costs connected with buying resin and charges for metered usage of water in many areas, so when you add it all up, apart from being better for the environment, saving water by means of the Aqua-dapter earns you more money.

There are many practical benefits that Aqua-dapter brings when you stop and consider the problems that can arise from existing methods of controlling water flow such as having to manually fold/kink the hose so you either keep one hand on the hose, or leave the water running away while you extend or collapse the pole.

Other problems such as awkward triggers tending to have a loop of hose which twists, making it difficult to extend the water fed pole, or remote controls needing batteries and requiring you to be within range are also eliminated by the Aqua-dapter.

Aqua-dapter has been designed to overcome these and other commonly experienced problems connected with water flow control – the construction is robust, yet surprisingly light, and it is made to the highest standards using top-quality materials.

We think you’ll form an attachment to your Aqua-dapter but we think of it as not just as an attachment – rather a water fed pole upgrade that is the answer you’ve been waiting for when it comes to regaining control of water flow.

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