Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to the first blog post from Matt of SimmplyClean. let me start by saying that i am somewhat of a technophobe,so this is a big deal for me.

Whats the point of this blog? Well it has many facets. It will keep you up to speed with what we do as a cleaning company. The scope of our services. How we strive to keep our clients happy and information about special offers and discounts that we may have on offer.

We will try to keep this light hearted and not too boring but will also try and include any handy cleaning tips that we can pass on.

We have a great team with many interests other than cleaning services so will blog about these as well.

Who am I? I am Matt. Aside from working i enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family & whippet ‘Dookie’. I couldn’t live without music. You can throw my TV in the sea but dont take away my music collection. I am into a bit of the ‘Good life’ living , for those who remember said sitcom with Tom and Barbara. Love my garden , allotment patch and 2 bee hives.

Anyway , today is monday, a work day!! so lets get too it. Starting and finishing the day with some commercial window cleaning at 2 lovely coffee houses, sandwiched in the middle for most of the day is a long standing client of ours with a very large listed stately home. Easily 500+ panes of glass to shine!!!! Enough chat , get to work.

p.s :- will be treating some window panes today for nasty hard water staining,which has made the windows unsightly and impossible to see through. Yes , this is possible!!

give us a call if this is something you could do with being sorted.

see ya.

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