Ettore Products

Great inventions are often so simple that we all ask ourselves from time to time “now why didn’t I think of that?” and Ettore Steccone’s original squeegee design is a classic case in point.

Just a blade of high quality rubber and an ideally angled handle and there you have it – a formula that has remained essentially intact since 1936 when Ettore forged the way ahead for window cleaners all over the world – you can find more information on this at Development of Windows and Window Cleaning Techniques.

When Steccone registered his patent, professional window cleaning was never going to be the same again and though often copied, his original squeegee design has stood both the test of time and plenty of use – it has continued to be known as the Ettore edge!

This is why at Simmply Clean we’re very happy to use Ettore products ourselves. With a sharp square edged blade that is supple, smooth and leaves a consistently high quality finish on the glass – no wonder that every Ettore product is guaranteed to deliver performance without flaw – every time.

Ettore also make excellent window washers which come in 3 types – the Golden Glove, which is suitable for most windows inside and out, the Dura-Sleeve which is more absorbent and allows you to use more solution outside, and when used inside will pick up more moisture thus reducing dripping. The Porcupine washer is great when you need to scrub dirty glass without scratching it.

Few would disagree that Ettore Steccone’s trail blazing spirit has ensured Ettore’s position and an industry leader, and the company provides almost every tool you can think of to enhance the professionalism of window cleaners everywhere – for example there’s the Ettore Sidekick – this is a hip mounted holster that we think offers the professional window cleaner three important advantages – speed, flexibility and convenience. The drip-free holster enables you to have squeegee, washer and mini-bucket all easily accessible from either hip, on a detachable, quick release belt clip which is reversible. The Ettore Sidekick is durable and of a heavy-duty construction.

So whether you’re just starting out as a window cleaner (in which case we recommend you take a close look at the Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit ) or you’re looking to upgrade your equipment – squeegees, scrims, holsters, rubber blades, micro-fibre sleeves, or T-Bars etc – there are plenty of Ettore quality products on offer at great prices – you’ll soon be wondering “now why didn’t I think of this before?”

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