Carpet Cleaning

Kent carpet cleanersOur approach to carpet cleaning at Simmply Clean is to use what’s known in the business as a dry fusion system. This is a pH neutral process that does not rely on water flushing, unlike many carpet cleaners which we believe can be damaging to your carpet.

In addition, the range of cleaning products we use to clean carpets with the dry fusion method is odourless, colourless, non-toxic and much more environmentally friendly.

With the dry fusion system, which has been approved as safe to use with wool carpets, a constant heat is applied along with a stain protector and blocking resin which results not only in a thorough clean but also leaves your carpet bright, deodorised and stain protected.

We think that one of the key benefits of using this process is the minimal disruption it causes to your life or business – your carpets will be dry within half an hour and can be walked on straight away – so for busy people this is an important advantage when it comes to having your office carpet cleaned, for example.

Not to be overlooked is the deodorising effect mentioned above – through the use of vanilla and orange extracts, your carpets will be left smelling clean and fresh, so if there are smokers in the home or you have pets this will be an especially appreciated benefit from having your carpets cleaned by Simmply Clean.

As mentioned on our Other Services page, our carpet cleaning is done with the latest equipment and cutting edge technology – so if your carpets need cleaning, at home or perhaps the office, we have the expertise needed to give them a professional clean with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

Carpet cleaning with the dry fusion process is……..

  • Safer
  • Quieter
  • Cleaner
  • Drier
  • Fresher
  • Greener

6 good reasons to have your carpets cleaned by Simmply Clean – call us on 01304 364745 or email us for a quotation and we’ll be happy to discuss your carpet cleaning requirements and provide a free estimate. Alternatively you can go to the estimates page.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing




Bedroom small.



Bedroom mid.



Bedroom large.

20m2 +


Dining/ small living room.


Through lounge.




Stairs (typical).


Per step.


Study/small room.










*Prices shown are examples only and additional charges may apply.

Professional ‘spotters’ available by the bottle.  (500ml) £8.99. Please ask.

For advice on carpet cleaning products please feel free to call.

Call 07838 745902 for a free estimate or go to the estimates page.