25 % off Gutter Cleaning

Thats right! We are not kidding. For all new window cleaning customers we are giving them a 25% discount on the cleaning of their gutters. No matter what window cleaning schedule you decide upon, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly you will be eligible for the discount.

The gutter clearance will take place in accord with the latest Health & Safety regulations for tradesmen working at height, with the work carried out from ground level using our industrial gutter vacs.

Not sure exactly how much of the gutter is blocked or would just like peace of mind before autumn leaves start falling that all is clear then book us in for a gutter survey. Using a HD wireless camera we will inspect the gutters and even take film or stills for you to keep for your records. Prices for gutter surveys start at £35.00. Please call for any questions you may have and receive free advice. Or email us from our estimates page.


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